What should I take to the boat?

3 surfboards, fins and a couple of leashes
Warm water wax
Ding repair kit (Solarez; Quick-fix…)
2 board shorts
3 T-shirts + 1 T-shirt/lycra to surf
1 towel (we provide one towel for each guest; maybe you want to bring another one)
Cap/Hat (and surfing-hat?)
Sun screen (SPF 50+)
A book to read
USB Memory stick to save your photos (16+ Gb)
Documents: passport + photocopies, insurance policy, airplane ticket, credit card
Mobile phone and charger
Pocket money: at least 100 USD in cash for souvenirs or anything you might want to buy, extra-beer, calls, etc. If you consider buying your surfing photos bring extra cash (150 USD).