What if there’s an accident/injury during the boat trip?

In case of a serious injury we ask for medical advice by radio or with our satellite phone, and if needed we immediately head off to the nearest hospital. Often there is a doctor or a paramedic among the guests, or on board another boat close by, and in case of need all boats get in contact via radio to find one.
There are new hospitals at Padang and at Nias island, and a few small medical facilities at the islands of Mentawai, Telo and Banyak.
There are top modern hospitals and medical specialists of all kinds in Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, these cities 1-2 hours away from Padang. Treatments at these modern hospitals can be expensive, that’s why you need travel insurance.
Current wounds and infections, diarrehea, fever/flu and other minor situations are usually controlled on board with our complete first-aid kit. Our surf-guide has a fist-aid course and good experience with this kind of situations, including applying stiches with anaesthetic.