How’s the food like on board?

We serve 2 breakfasts: first breakfast (around 6 a.m.) is buffet-style including fruit, cereals, bread/toasts, butter, peanut butter, jams, coffee, milk, tea, etc.
Second breakfast (by 8-9 a.m., after the morning surf) is usually a hot plate (eggs, omelette, pancakes, etc.).
Lunch and dinner consist on fish, meat, chicken, shrimps, burgers, rice, pasta, eggs, french fries, pizza, soup, and some Indonesian food such as fried rice with veggies and chicken (nasi goreng), noodles, etc.
In between meals the guests can help themselves on fruit, biscuits, peanuts, snacks, a fresh coconut, etc.
When we catch fish (tuna, trevally, mahi-mahi, wahoo, etc.) the chef prepares sushi or sashimi.
The guests can have all non-alcoholic drinks they wish: mineral water, Coke, Sprite, juices, isotonic drinks, coffee, tea, milk, a fresh coconut.