What’s the best way to fly to Padang?

To fly to Padang you have to transit in Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur (the only 2 airports with direct flights to Padang).

Jakarta is the best option as there are around 20 daily flights to Padang, and back. For this leg (Jakarta-Padang-Jakarta) we recommend GARUDA AIRLINES as it is the most reliable air carrier in Indonesia and doesn’t charge for surfboards transportation.

From Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Padang there are only 2 (two) daily flights (with AIR ASIA), meaning that you might have to stay overnight in KL on your way to Padang, and that you don’t have alternative flights in the same day in case of need (if you miss your flight to Padang before the boat trip, or back to KL after the boat trip).  That’s why transit in Jakarta is better, rather than in KL.  But if it’s ok for you to spend a night in KL before the boat trip and/or in Padang after it, then transit in KL is a good option too.