Other than surfing, what can I do during the trip?

You can go far a swim in the warm Indian Ocean, snorkelling in the beautiful coral reefs with crystal clear waters, fishing or spearfishing (we have the gear), explore the surroundings on a SUP board or a kayak, relax in a tropical beach, visit the traditional villages and enjoy a fresh coconut with the lovely local kids, take pictures at tropical scenarios, etc… Or you can just relax on board, read your book in the hammock and let yourself fall asleep, practice yoga or stretch your surfing-sore muscles, play chess with the crew members, watch a movie in the air con comfortable salon, listen to your iPod play-list on the boat speakers while enjoying an ice-cold Bintang… And the all-times favourite: watch over and over that sequence of you getting barrelled and show it off to your mates!