• Nias & Hinako

    Famous Lagundry Bay and forgotten surf spots

    Nias is the biggest of all Sumatran islands and the first place west of Bali to become famous for surfers because of what was considered for many years the best right-hander in the world, the picture-perfect wave of Lagundry Bay.
    Apart from Lagundry, nowadays crowded, there are a couple more waves nearby at the south coast of Nias, and several other good waves at the west coast, that are uncrowded or even unknown by the surfing community.

    The Hinako archipelago is located just 30 min. away from Nias west coast and is home of a couple of great waves as the perfect left-hander of Asu, the super-consistent right-hander of Bawa, and a couple more not so famous waves. These waves used to attract a lot of surfers but the 2004 tsunami affected some of the coral reefs in the area and word spread that those waves were not good anymore…! Not really. Today those spots are usually empty or with just a handful of guys who like to surf away from the crowds.

    Nias and Hinako islands also receive the same swells that hit the Mentawai and Telo. Actually some surf spots at Nias and Hinako are true swell magnets and are some of the most consistent spots of Sumatra.

    Nias is also a good place to start/finish a boat trip because it has an airport with 3 daily flights to Medan international airport (1 hour flight).
    Starting the boat trip in Nias makes it easier (closer) to sail to Telo or Banyak archipelagos.

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