• Mentawai

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    More than 50 high-quality waves make the Mentawai islands the dream destination of all surfers. Many of those waves are among the best in the world, such as Maccaronis, Lance’s Right, Rifles, Nokandui, Greenbush, Telescopes, etc.

    The Mentawai archipelago is composed by four major islands and dozens of smaller ones directly exposed to the consistent Indian Ocean swells.
    The thousands of coral reefs growing around these islands and facing all directions create great surfing conditions no matter the swell and wind directions. These unique conditions, combined with desert white-sandy beaches and crystal-clear warm water make this place heaven-on-hearth for surfers.

    Although some areas at the Mentawai can be crowded at times (namely the “Playground” area due to recently made easy access and accommodation), our surf-guides can take you to lots of uncrowded surfing spots away from the “Playground” area, where the only possible access is by boat. In fact there are so many surfing spots at the “Ments” that it’s not difficult to find perfect barreling empty waves.

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