• Banyak

    Surfing off-the-beaten-path

    The Banyak are the northernmost Sumatran islands where we run surf trips.
    It’s a small archipelago with not many surf spots (around half a dozen) but hosting one world-class wave: Treasure island long and barreling right-hander. In its days this spot can deliver multiple barrels in one single wave.

    Though, it’s the less consistent of Sumatran surfing areas because the archipelago is somehow sheltered from the swells by the big Nias island, meaning that it needs a strong swell with a particular direction to deliver the goods.

    For these reasons and also for being situated far from Sumatra’s bigger harbors and international airports, the Banyak islands have been kept away from the main stream of surf trips in Sumatra.
    Nevertheless these days there are already a handful of charter boats operating mainly around these islands, meaning that the “totally uncrowded” label is gone.

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